Friday, March 16, 2012

Think about this.....Chevy Volt... Edsel on steroids?

Chevy Volt... Edsel on steroids?

"We've been telling you what a fraud the Chevy Volt (and all electric cars) is for years. Well, production finally stopped. They cannot give this piece of junk away. It is a $40,000 golf cart that runs on COAL, since 70% of electricity comes from coal. It needs a new $8,000 monster battery every five years. It only goes 25 miles and needs to be recharged. It takes a full 12 hours to recharge and costs you more for the electricity than gasoline. It costs more to operate this car than a normal small car due to the electricity cost. This car is an ecological nightmare. If just 10% of car owners bought an electric car our electrical system would black out the next day from overload. We have 200 years of known oil reserves, and another 200 years of known natural gas reserves right here in America. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. You can make $2 a gallon fuel from coal with the SASOL process. You can also make liquid gasoline from natural gas with SASOL. We have no energy shortage. We don't need a drop of foreign oil. Windmills are a joke that have failed totally all over the world. Solar energy is worthless, since there is just no wattage in sunlight. Biofuels take more energy to make than they give back. Making fuel from algae is too stupid to comment on. This is Obama's answer of course. Along with inflating your tires. Remember when he said inflating our tires would solve the energy problem? He said it on national TV so it can't be denied. The crowd cheered of course."

Roger Mason